Telcore is a Professional Services company, founded in 1995.   Our structure and focus is to augment the loss of knowledge and experience that clients suffer due to early retirement and downsizing initiatives. 

Telcore attracted the “best of the best” of those opting for the early retirement incentives and engaged them to assist clients with various technical and managerial projects.  Their ability to quickly assess and determine a viable solution, proved to be the key factor in differentiating Telcore consultants from the rest of the field.  

Telcore’s senior management consultants have been engaged with leading CLEC's, ILEC's, RBOC's and independent telcos, to define the path to success.  Their leverage of knowledge and expertise jump-started start-up and growth targeted corporations, by providing the infrastructure and core competent values, required for success.  

Telcore entered the training arena early in the company’s development to provide creative and innovative solutions  for training small, medium, and large groups in various new and legacy based technologies.  The training platforms include e-based, instructor lead, and DVD/CD delivery systems.
Telcore's knowledge of legacy environments provides a broad base for developing customer focused solutions that meet current and future business needs.  Telcore provides a knowledge and experience base for corporations to leverage while maintaining a thin-cost effective profile.

Telcore resources represent past employees of Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) and major Independent Telephone Companies in the U.S.